Workership Program

Mid-Iowa Council has a long history of serving youth.  Throughout our twenty-seven counties, we serve more than 20,000 members annually. 

Understanding that different boys have different needs, many of which are financial, it is important for us as an organization to do our best to help all youth.  No boy should be unable to fully participate in Scouting due to lack of funds.  To help Scouts help themselves we have developed “The Workership.”

“The Workership” is a way for boys to earn their way to a Mid-Iowa camp or for many other Scouting needs.  The concept is that a boy needing help will perform community service to earn his way.  However, this program is not designed to be a “blank check” for anyone and everyone to take advantage of.  There must be a significant need and each application will require the approval of parent/guardian, unit leader, and service project recipient.

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