Wood Badge Reunion & Patrol Flag Retreat

Registration is now reopened
The event has been rescheduled to May 5, 2018

Wood Badge Patrol Flag Retreat

“The retreat (flag lowering) ceremony serves a twofold purpose. It signals the end of the day and serves as a ceremony for paying respect to the flag. Because the time for the end of the day varies, the specific time for the retreat ceremony varies.”

That time has come for Mid-Iowa Council’s Wood Badge Patrol Flags.

Since the 1970’s, Wood Badge Patrol and staff flags have been proudly displayed in Blank Dining Hall.  Each flag represents not only Scouting fellowship and a dedication to serve youth, but our legacy as Scouters.

The flags have, unfortunately, become a problem.  Displayed above where our Scouts eat, the flags have skirted good hygiene practices.  They collect dust, dirt, and who knows what else.  They also block airflow through the rafters, effectively preventing our exhaust fans from doing their work.  In addition, because some of the flags have severely faded, we will soon lose the ability to read them. 

It’s time for a new tradition.  There is a better way to appreciate our flags and the individuals who made them.  Each flag has been photographed and matched, as well as our information allows, with its course and patrol members.  Currently on the council website, you can view many of our Wood Badge courses featuring, by patrol, the flag plus a photo and roster of the patrol members.  A truly wonderful way to remember our shared experience as members of Troop 1.  https://www.midiowacouncilbsa.org/WoodBadgeHistory

So, except for the current course, the Wood Badge Patrol and Staff flags are coming down.  Our current course flags are on display on the dining hall wall – not above in the rafters.  Those flags will remain in place until the next course when the flags of the 2019 course will replace them. 

The Wood Badge Patrol Flag Retreat will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018, 2:00-5:00pm, at Mitigwa Scout Reservation as part of our next Wood Badge Reunion.  Your invitation to that event is available via the link below.

Individuals are encouraged and welcome to claim their patrol flag.  To make it as fair as possible, flags will be distributed via a drawing.  If you would like a chance to claim your flag, simply complete and submit the form below.  The drawing will be conducted during the Reunion. You don’t have to be present, but you must make arrangements for someone to pick-up your flag that day. 

Staff Flags automatically belong to the Course Director.  He or she may keep their flag or make it available to others.    

All unclaimed flags will be respectfully retired, by fire, at the close of the reunion.

Be sure to add the Wood Badge Reunion to your calendar today.  Reservations are needed by Wednesday, May 2 and if you would like a chance to claim your flag, be sure to complete and submit the form below.