Strategic Plan

February 17, 2017

To: Mid-Iowa Council Scouters
Fr: Scout Executive
Re: Our Strategic Plan

These are truly exciting times for the Scouts of Mid-Iowa Council! After almost two years of work, we now have an approved Strategic Plan to guide the progress of our council from 2017 to 2021. Perhaps the best part of our plan is that it is dynamic and measurable. In fact, we will update our progress monthly for the next five years!

The entire plan is attached for your review. The format is what we are calling the Strategic Plan Tracker. At a glance you can see what we are wanting to accomplish, as well as progress toward completion. The Tracker will be found on the council website and will be reviewed at board and staff meetings.

Scores of volunteers have been a part of developing the plan, and even more will help make it a reality. As you can see, there is much to be done – 5 Focus Areas, 13 Goals, and 139 Tasks.

I think this is just the start. The plan will and must change to meet developing needs. Goals will be tweaked, perhaps some will be added. However, tracking our progress will help ensure completion – and a richer Scouting Experience for youth.

We are grateful to the many volunteers helping to manage the plan’s implementation and to the 13 Goal Champions who will ensure its success. Please be sure to thank them for their leadership and to ask them how you can help!

File Name Description
2017-2021 Strategic Plan and Tracker.pdf Mid-Iowa Council Strategic Plan 2017-2021; last updated 8/10/18 Download