Scouting Alumni

Mid-Iowa Council Alumni Association

"The Scouting Trail Continues"

Welcome to Mid-Iowa Council Alumni Association!  We are pleased you want to continue your involvement with scouting through our group.

Your Alumni Association encourages everyone to join who has been positively impacted by their experience with Boy Scouts.  Whether that be as a Scout, family member of a Scout, a volunteer leader, or as someone who has enjoyed the benefits from the Scouting movement in their community.  All are welcome!

How do I join?  SIMPLE!  Just complete your contact information below.  There is NO COST TO JOIN.

You'll begin receiving the Council newsletter, "Scout Shorts", and schedule of events via e-mail.


Rekindle the Scouting spirit.  Reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Take advantage of the networking opportunities and the social aspect with those who share a common bond.

Come join us and experience the Scouting experience once again.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

1st Annual Alumni Association Social

Anyone who has ever been connected to Scouting is invited to attend.

Scout Moms, Scout Dads, Scouters and Scouts who are now adults are invited to come reconnect, rekindle, and share their good times in Scouting.

This is a non-uniform event. Come as you are and see old friends, make new ones and just enjoy yourself.

When: Tuesday, March 28 from 6 to 7 pm
Where: Des Moines Social Club, in the Culinary Loft, 900 Mulberry Street.
Corner of SW 9th and Mulberry.
The old Fire house.
Free parking on the street and in parking garage across the street after 5pm.
Who: Anyone who has been touched by Scouting
Why: To reconnect and rekindle your memories
Cost: $10, if you sign up on line you will earn a free drink ticket to redeem at the event.

If you have not joined the Mid-Iowa Council Alumni Association please fill out the short form at the bottom of this page.

To register online and earn your free drink ticket at the event, click HERE. Registration ends March 27, 2017.

Please Note: Purchases at the event will accept cash only, including walk-in registrations. An ATM is nearby for convenience, if needed.