Cub Scout Range Officer Training

Want to become a Mid-Iowa Council Cub Scout Range Officer?

Join the team of volunteers who supervise and conduct the MIC Cub Shooting Programs.


  • Registered Scouter (18+ years old and Youth Protection Trained).
  • Become certified as a MIC Cub Scout Range Officer by completing a MIC Cub Scout BB Gun/Archery Instructor training course.
Cub Scout Shooting Sports activities can only be conducted during council and district events.

Training and Certification

Purpose: Mid-Iowa Council guidelines require specific procedures and advanced qualification for Range Officers to conduct shooting sports at Cub Scout ranges during District Family Encampments and Cub Scout Shooting Sports events. Individuals completing this course will receive MIC Cub Scout Range Officer BB/Archery certification (valid for 2 years) and be expected to act as Range Saftey Officers for at least two Mid-Iowa Council events in the next 12 months. The emphasis for this program will be training in specific procedures (safety, opening/closing ranges, equipment), training in how to run Cub Scout ranges safely and efficiently for various size groups, training in how to teach basic BB Gun and Archery skills to Cub Scouts, and training in various shooting and scoring procedures related to Cub Scout Shooting Awards.

All District Family Camping events and every Cub Scout Shooting Sports event requires a certified MIC Cub Scout Range Officer for each range used. The MIC Shooting Sports Committee is responsible for providing certified MIC Cub Scout Range Officers for each event (MIC Cub Scout Range Officers are BSA registered adults who have completed this course and are willing to volunteer to serve as Range Officers and Instructors for scheduled events).

Training and Certification Opportunities:

  • Saturday, May 12, 2018 [9:00am - 1:00pm] Maytag Scout Center