Mitigwa Scout Reservation

Mitigwa Scout Reservation is a Boy Scout camp operated by Mid-Iowa Council and is located along the Des Moines River Valley to the east of Woodward, Iowa. This scenic woodland area rambles over 460 acres of rolling valleys and ridges and offers many opportunities to explore and discover nature. Facilities and activities are concentrated on three of the reservation’s ridges: Frankel, to the north, which is the primary ridge for Cub Scout Summer Camp; Blank, which is the main entrance to Boy Scout Camp Mitigwa; and Casady, just south of Blank, which is also used for Boy Scout Summer Camp.

Hidden between Frankel and Blank ridges and accessed by a well-maintained Lakefront Trail, Lake Fisher provides youth with the chance to catch-and-release a variety of fish and explore aquatic animal and plant life.  It also offers a chance for Scouts at summer camp and groups with reservations to try their hand at canoeing and kayaking.

Dan Beard Trail provides Scouts with 5 miles of hiking among Iowa hardwoods, navigating deep ravines with a view of the Des Moines River. The rest of Mitigwa Scout Reservation's 460+ acres are still wild. Download the MSR Topographical Map below to learn more.

The reservation features two pools – Maytag Pool on Blank Ridge and Frankel Pool on Frankel Ridge – for use during summer camp; two dining facilities; and two trading posts. There are 18 campsites offered on the three ridges that make up the program areas of the Camp Akela and Camp Mitigwa. 

Mitigwa Scout Reservation maintains six wood-heated cabins which are available year-round for weekend rental, as well as a heated restroom and shower facility. There are also three forts on the property: Fort Pella is located on Frankel Ridge; Fort Clatsop is located on Casady Ridge; and Old Fort Madison is located on the far end of Frankel Ridge in the WeCanDoIt area. 

A thirty-foot, five-sided Rappelling Tower is located on the western activity fields not far from the parking lot between Blank and Casady ridges, and an advanced C.O.P.E. course (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) can be found on the camp’s Frankel ridge and includes a 400' zipline and a triangle event that includes Gap Step, Balance Beam and Skywalk events. Both the tower and the C.O.P.E. course can be reserved by a troop or crew through the Maytag Scout Center.

Each summer, Mitigwa Scout Reservation offers week-long residence camping experiences for Boy Scouts at Camp Mitigwa, and Cub Scouts get their chance at residential summer camp with 1 to 3 day camping experiences offered at Camp Akela.  Find out more by visiting our Cub Scout Camping Pages and our Boy Scout Camping page.

To view a larger version of the below interactive map of Mitigwa Scout Reservation, click HERE.

File Name Description
Camp Akela Map Detail View a detailed map of Camp Akela, including Frankel Ridge and Lake Fisher. Download
Map to Camp Akela Directions to the North Gate of Mitigwa Scout Reservation, the entrance to Camp Akela. Download
Map to Camp Mitigwa Find your way to Mitigwa Scout Reservation's Main Gate and entrance to Camp Mitigwa. Download
Mitigwa Scout Reservation Map View trails, cabins, campsites, and main buildings for MSR's three main ridges: Frankel, Blank, and Casady. Download
MSR Topographical Trail Map Mitigwa Scout Reservation (MSR) is home to a network of trails that meander across our 400+ acres of ridges and ravines. Download