Leaving a Legacy

Dear Friend of Youth,

It’s striking really, the number of our nation’s leaders who have gained leadership skills and values through the Boy Scouts of America. They, and thousands more have benefited from the outdoor experiences, friendships, life skills, and character development that are part of Scouting.

Annually, Mid-Iowa Council serves:

  • 20,000 members
  • 375 Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, and Explorer Posts
  • Partner with 220 churches, schools, businesses and civic organizations that sponsor these units
  • 4,000 adult volunteers who provide leadership at all levels
  • 27 counties in central and southern Iowa

Scouting began in Iowa in 1916 – Mid-Iowa Council is preparing today for the next century of Iowa Scouting! As we prepare for our next century of service we must enhance our programs, improve our facilities, and continue to reach out to youth and families throughout our area. There are several key trends that will impact our ability to deliver the highest quality programs possible:

  1. The cost of maintaining aging camp properties and meeting government requirements will continue to rise and present an increasing burden on council resources.
  2. The demand on adult volunteers’ time will become even more acute, making training, support, and leader retention more important.
  3. New and expanding sources of revenue will be needed to enhance current income streams.
  4. Investment will be needed to market and support Scouting to target audiences.

Currently 18% of the council’s annual operating budget comes from interest earned on endowed funds. Increasing these funds will provide a strong financial base today and secure funding for the future. Currently at $8,000,000 in both controlled and dedicated funds, the council needs a working endowment total of $15,000,000.

Endowment Campaign Goals

     Need      Goal
     Strengthen programs today through immediate endowment      $3,000,000
     Strengthen programs tomorrow through planned giving      $4,000.000
     Total Campaign Goal      $7,000,000


These goals are fully described below, as well as how you can help. On behalf of our Scouts today – and tomorrow, thank you for your consideration and support.