World Jamboree

2019 World Jamboree

WORLD JAMBOREE July 21 – August 2, 2019

World Jamboree, what is the World Jamboree and why should you attend the 2019 event? The World Jamboree is held every four years and brings scouts from over 150 countries together to celebrate scouting in the world.

The 2019 World Jamboree will be only the second World Jamboree to be held in the United States. There will be approximately 40,000 scouts in attendance of which approximately half will be females. According to Jon Pederson who has led several troops to and attended several more World Jamborees the “2019 World Jamboree will provide more opportunity for youth to affect how the World looks at the USA than any politicians can”.

The cost of the Jamboree for participants is $2500.00 per scout or adult unit leader. For Staff the cost is $1700.00 per staff member. The plan is to have adult leadership for troops and crews selected this spring and to have troops and crews organized by June or July. Because of these relatively short times, it is important to get registered immediately.

The scouts from US troops and crews will be asked to arrive one day early at the Jamboree so they can have their campsites set up and be ready to welcome their scouting family from around the world the following day.

One interesting point about trading at the World Jamboree, patches are not the big trading item like they are at the national jamborees. At the World Jamborees the big trading item is scout uniform shirts. A suggestion has been made that participants should look for scout shirts on E-bay and places like Goodwill to take to the World Jamboree for trading for shirts from around the world.

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