Immediate Endowment

Strengthen Programs Today through Immediate Endowment

Camping Initiative          
  Maintenance Fund     $1,000,000
    Our three camp properties - Mitigwa Scout Reservation, Scoutland, and Foster Acres need a dedicated endowment to maintain roads, buildings, and equipment for our Scouts. Goals for the next few years are:      
     Year One          Improve Bear Creek Lodge to operate as a stand-alone dining hall
         Year Three      
     Year Five 
    Jim Goodding Workership Fund     $  500,000 
    Mid-Iowa Council provides thousands of dollars annually to Scouts and families who need help attending camp, having a uniform, or even obtaining a Scout Handbook. However, rather than provide a “campership” or “scholarship”, we have the Workership – a method by which a Scout earns support by performing service projects. Named for Jim Goodding, one of our first endowment contributors, a significant fund is needed to provide Workerships for our Scouts.


Opportunity Initiative           
    STEM Scouts Fund     $  500,000
    An emerging program focused on serving both boys and girls. STEM Scouts meet just like Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and explore the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Dedicated funds are needed to provide the tools and staff for this new opportunity.       
    ScoutReach Fund     $  500,000

Endowment funds will ensure the continued success of outreach efforts to serve at-risk youth and families. Since 2010, After School Scouting and Soccer for Scouting have grown from just 300 Scouts to more than1000!

Information Technology Initiative          
    IT Fund     $  500,000

Morse code is long a thing of the past. A fund dedicated to meet the growing and rapidly changing needs of information technology will enable the council to keep pace with today’s Scouts, families, and leaders.


Immediate Endowment Goal     $3,000,000