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Hazardous Weather Training now Required for Direct Contact Leaders

Effective April 30th, 2018 new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained.

The FAQs are an important piece of this communication. As noted in the FAQs:
• Since 2008 there has been a requirement that at least one person on any tour or activity have hazardous weather training. It is also a requirement for all camp staff as part of the NCAP standards SQ-402.
• If you are now trained in your current position, at this time you will not be “required” to take Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained. i.e., you will be ‘grandfathered.’
• The old WS81 course is being retired, to stay current with your Hazardous Weather Training henceforth you must take the new SCO_800 course. (SCO designated courses are only capable of being completed on-line through the BSA Learn Center at this time.)

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Saturday, August 25, 2018
Maytag Scout Center

Registration is not yet open. Once registration opens, more details and registration will be located HERE.