Advancement & Awards

2019 Mid-Iowa Council Court of Honor

Sunday, February 24, 2019
2:00 PM
Maytag Scout Center

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Links to Online Advancement Information (also available for download via the grid at the bottom of this page)

Scoutbook is FREE Starting January 1, 2019

More details to follow after January 1, 2019. Please note: Scoutbook is down for scheduled maintenance through December 31, 2018 in preparation for the launch.

Submitting Eagle Scout Rank Applications

A simple step has been added to the process of preparing for Eagle Scout boards of review in our council. A completed Eagle application form must be submitted for confirmation of earned merit badges and other details by the council before a board of review may be held. When this step has been completed, a single sheet will be attached to the certified application form. This new sheet, the Eagle Scout Application Routing Form, must accompany the signed application when it is returned to the council after being signed following an Eagle board of review. The form will gather three kinds of information: some additional information about the Scout and the Scout's family, the address of the Scoutmaster or other person who should receive the Eagle credentials packet, and the printed names of the two persons who have signed the application. This form is now in use – please call the council service center if you have questions about its use. Click HERE to download a copy of it.

Scoutbook Sync to ScoutNET

For the latest information on setting up your unit to sync Scoutbook to ScoutNET, click HERE.

The Requirements for all Cub Scout Ranks have been Changed

Effective November 30, the Boy Scout of America announced modifications to Cub Scouting that make the program more flexible for busy parents, den leaders, and Cubmasters. Numerous detail changes have been made in the requirements and electives, and in many cases, the number of requirements needed to complete an Adventure has been reduced. The goal of these changes is to shorten the time required to complete requirements, and thus advance. See this posting and this Q&A for more details. A complete listing of the changes is available for download by clicking here. The major electronic advancement tracking systems, including Scoutbook, and Packmaster, are now being updated to handle the revised requirements. The ScoutTrack system has been updated to include all of the modifications. The BSA will also release insert pages for current Cub Scout handbooks for all ranks to provide listings of all of the new requirements. The next printing of the handbooks will be updated.

Boy Scout Rank Advancement Must Now Use the 2016 Requirements

All Boy Scouts and their leaders should know that as of January 1, 2017, all Boy Scout rank advancement must be based on the 2016 requirements, as published in the current Boy Scout Requirements book. Those pages are also available online by clicking here. The current requirements as printed in the Boy Scout Handbook are available by clicking here. For more details on these requirements and how unit leaders can prepare to effectively support their Scouts’ advancement, click the image below to read or download a PDF presentation. No changes will be made in the rank requirements during 2017.

Click the image below to read or download a PDF presentation of the new requirements:

Click to Download PDF Slideshow
File Name Description
2016 Boy Scout Requirements Download
2016 Rank Requirements Download
2016 Rank Requirements Insert for Handbooks Download
Comparison of Old and New Requirements Download
Eagle Scout Application Routing Form Download
Links to Online Advancement Information Download
Setting Your Unit Up for Advancement Sync Download