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The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide a program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop physical and mental fitness. Scouting is designed to make a difference in the lives of boys aged 7 through 20.  Scouting makes a difference by preparing youth for success as they grow.

Being involved in Scouting for even a few years has a positive influence on the choices youth make and the confidence they gain.

2017 Mid-Iowa Council Holiday Closings

New Years January 2
President's Day February 20
Good Friday April 14
Memorial Day May 29
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day September 4
Thanksgiving November 23-24
Christmas December 25-26
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2018 Mid-Iowa Council Holiday Closings

New Year's January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 15
President's Day February 19
Good Friday March 30
Memorial Day May 28
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day September 3
Thanksgiving November 22-23
Christmas December 24-26
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Mid-Iowa Council - A Brief History

Like councils across the nation, the story of Mid-Iowa Council is colorful, filled with rich stories, and flavored with incredible people.  

The earliest mention of Scouting in the Central Iowa area appeared in the BSA Report to the Nation in 1911.  Not long after, a group of citizens petitioned the National Council and received a charter for a “First Class” council in 1914; it was called simply the Des Moines Council.

Nearby areas also started local councils and Scouting grew.  The number of Troops and Scouts enlarged dramatically and the boundaries of councils began to expand and even merge.  Camping grounds and camp programs suited just for Scouts began to appear.

The first Camp Mitigwa – Maker of Men - was a temporary camp held just north of Adel, then moved to the Ledges, and finally in 1923 found a permanent home “on the hills above the river” where Scouts have sought and found adventure since.  

The Des Moines Council grew into the Des Moines Area Council then began to merge with its neighbors becoming Tall Corn Council and finally merging once again in 1970 creating what we now know as Mid-Iowa Council.

Since then there have been many changes, plus thousands of boys, and a long line of red-jacketed leaders.  And throughout we have remained faithful to the ideas and ideals that began it all – a dedication to youth, community, and a better future – tied together with an oath of 40 simple words and a set of life directing laws that number just twelve. 

Scouting in Iowa - The Values Endure

A history of the Scouting program in central and southern Iowa.

Advisory Contacts and Staff Contact Information

Click HERE for a list of Advisory Contacts. See below for Staff Contact information:

Position Name Telephone
Camp Ranger-Camp Mitigwa Jeff Koenigsfeld (515) 822-1559 Email
Controller Jedd Moore (515) 266-2135 Email
Development Associate Jennifer Kramka (515) 266-2135 Email
Development Director Ben Chiochon (515) 266-2135 Email
Development Specialist Darla Hunzelman (515) 266-2135 Email
Director of Field Service Charles Vonderheid (515) 266-2135 Email
District Assistant, Twin Rivers Terri Cutler (515) 266-2135 Email
District Assistant, Woodland Trails Jessi Milner (515) 266-2135 Email
District Director, Prairie Winds Eric Thorsbakken (515) 266-2135 Email
District Director, Woodland Trails Michael O'Connor (515) 266-2135 Email
District Executive, Prairie Winds Zach Tomesch (515) 266-2135 Email
Field Director, Twin Rivers Todd Eipperle (515) 266-2135 Email
Office Manager / Administrative Assistant Cindy Day (515) 266-2135 Email
Program Director Dan Maiers (515) 266-2135 Email
Program Secretary / Webmaster Theresa McIlhenny (515) 266-2135 Email
Registrar / Customer Service Randy Rosander (515) 266-2135 Email
Scout Executive/CEO Robert Hopper (515) 266-2135 Email
Senior Development Director Scott Walters (515) 266-2135 Email
Senior District Executive, Twin Rivers Sara Gilbert (515) 266-2135 Email
Support Secretary / Customer Service Nancy Helland (515) 266-2135 Email