2017 School Night for Scouting

BeAScout “Recruiting on the Web”

Put Scouting on the map with BeAScout.org.  BeAScout.org uses the Web and Google Maps to recruit new members. Packs, troops, and crews will appear as “pins” on Google maps nation-wide. The web site is very easy to remember: www.beascout.org.

It is important that we all help in keeping our pins updated and manage inquiries so that people who are interested in Scouting get the best opportunity to join and experience Scouting.

BeAScout is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Unit leaders publish information about their unit to a pin icon on a Google Map through www.my.scouting.org.
  1. Parents go to www.beascout.org, submit their address, find units in their neighborhood and can even apply online to join.
  1. Leaders gather information from visits to their pins and compile “leads and applications” that they can manage through www.my.scouting.org.

For step by step instructions click here

Thank you for all your help with this process. It is important that inquiring families get accurate and prompt information about the various Scouting opportunities in their area.

School Night for Scouiting....

Again this year during the months of August and September, the Mid-Iowa Council will conduct “School Night for Scouting” Fall Round-Up program and we expect it to be even bigger and better.

Some of the benefits your Cub Scout pack should expect are:
• A well-planned and executed recruitment of new boys and parents
• Accessible, immediate, and relevant training for new leaders
• A top-notch Family event for Scouts and their families in October

Specifically, here are some components of this year’s School Night:
• A visit to every school superintendent and elementary school principal by your BSA staff to review the plan and cultivate relationships during April, May and June.
• A “Boy Talk” in every possible elementary school classroom where we are allowed to conduct them.

These classroom visits to potential Cub Scouts are:
• Scheduled and implemented by your local BSA staff
• Conducted the day before the actual School Night
• Opportunities to send a School Night flyer home with each boy

“School Nights” organized and run by district-wide volunteer teams at every elementary school, including:
• A district volunteer Coordinator to run that night’s program
• A uniformed volunteer Organizer who works with the participating pack(s) and assigns the boy to the packs and dens
• Adult leader recruitment. Before we even accept the youth applications, we’ll ensure every den has the necessary leadership
• Youth and adult leader application forms and registration fees collected that night and officially registered right away with the BSA

While the district leadership teams organize the School Nights, the Cub Scout Pack leadership naturally plays a vital role!

Cub Scout Pack’s Role in School Night:
• Assign a pack School Night Representative to communicate with the district School Night team (April/May).
• Coordinate with the district leadership which elementary school the pack will participate in at School Night (April/May).
• Conduct a “Back to the Pack” summer meeting prior to School Night for all returning Cub Scouts (late July/early August).
• Communicate with the School Night leadership any unique needs/interests of the pack that School Night might help meet (Prior to School Night).
• Participate in your district-wide School Night Kickoff (August).
• Ensure pack leadership attends School Night to receive applications and greet new leaders and new Cub Scouts!

More information will be provided by your district School Night teams, and be sure to read about School Night in upcoming issues of the online Scout Shorts newsletter as well as at your district’s Round Tables. More details can also be found HERE.