Bo Qui District

District Chairman

Jon Niemeyer
(515) 490-4675

District Executive

Linda Echelmeyer
(515) 266-2135

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District Meeting

District Roundtable

Bo Qui District meets the 2nd Thursday of each month (except July) at 7:00 pm at First Baptist Church 200 First Avenue, Indianola for Roundtable. This event helps unit leaders stay "in the know" about current events, training and activities. Mingle with other leaders and swap tips and tricks for an easier, more fun Scouting program.

For more information about District Roundtables, please contact Linda Echelmeyer (515)266-2135

Bo Qui District Map

Bo Qui District serves Scout leaders in south Des Moines, Carlisle, Chariton, Corydon, Cumming, Davis City, Hartford, Indianola, Knoxville, Lamoni, Leon, Martensdale, Melcher-Dallas, New Virginia, Norwalk, Osceola, Pleasantville, Seymour, St. Charles, Winterset, Woodburn, and Yale.

District Calendar

August 16  Popcorn Rally - Maytag Scout Ctr November 1
Bo-Qui Fall Camporee: Mountain Men - Mitigwa
August 18
Popcorn Rally - Central College November 6 District Committee
August 26 CCC Mtg - Maytag Scout Ctr
November 13 Roundtable - Fireside Chat
September 1 Labor Day - Closed November 25 CCC Mtg - Maytag Scout Ctr
September 4 District Committee November 27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday - Closed
September 11 Roundtable Leader Networking December 4 District Committee
September 20 Leader Training, BALOO, YPT December 11 Roundtable Leader Networking
September 26 Popcorn Sale begins December 15 Charters Due
October 1 Internet Rechartering Opens December 24-26 Maytag Scout Center Closed
October 2 District Committee Dec. 31- Jan. 1
Maytag Scout Center Closed
October 9 Roundtable Leader Networking    
October 11 Cub Scout Fall Event - Mitigwa